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One of the most often asked questions from wedding planners I hear about blogging is, “How often should you blog for business?” It’s a valid question but it’s not an easy one to answer + there is no one-answer-fits-all solution either.

Before we jump right into answering the how often should you blog for business question, let’s first consider all of the factors that go into determining how often you should blog.

The Wedding Couples You’re Blogging For

One of the biggest factors in determining how many blog posts you should be churning out each week is the types of brides + grooms you’re writing these blog posts for in the first place. I would say that the majority of brides + grooms are information hounds so they want ALL. THE. WEDDING. information + they want it now + all day every day.

Then, there’s a group of wedding couples that could almost care a less. They just want to find some wedding planner or wedding professional to do what they need to do + be done with it.

If your brides + grooms fall into the first category then you’re probably looking at a more frequent publishing schedule than if your brides + grooms fall into the second category.

I write for wedding planners. I have found that wedding planners tend to read my blog posts most when I publish them on Mondays. After a weekend of planning weddings, Mondays are when wedding planners tend to be sitting at their desks (or at least are in the office) reading emails, catching up on work + educating themselves on the business of weddings.

For brides + grooms, you might find that publishing at lunch time each day or publishing only on Fridays, Saturdays + Sundays is when you have the highest visits to your blog.

If you need to figure out who your dream clients are, check out How to Identify Your Dreamiest of Dream Wedding Clients.

Blogging for SEO

Another factor is your end game. If you are blogging for SEO so you can rank higher in search engines like Google + even Pinterest then a more frequent posting schedule is probably on your horizon, too.

Search engine optimization does not happen overnight so it takes some time to build up rankings + momentum. While publishing a blog post today + making wedding couples aware of it on social media can drive immediate traffic to your post, this is not the case with SEO.

Search engines like Google have to crawl your site for information before ranking it in the search engine results. Depending on when the search engine crawls your site, this can take days, weeks or even months. It also depends on if you are doing SEO right or wrong.

The nice thing about publishing blog posts for SEO is that it tends to bring long-term positive results. Once you rank, you rank + it drives traffic to your blog. Unlike a social media post, where you might get instant traffic but then the update drops off their radar + so do the clicks from it.

If SEO is one of your goals, I highly suggest Stupid Simple SEO. The course is opening for enrollment mid-August 2019. I took this course + it totally changed, well, everything that I do when writing SEO content for me + for clients.

Quality of Content

How often should I blog for business

Producing high-quality blog posts tends to be more important than producing more blog posts that might be of lower quality. In other words, publishing a new blog post every day means next to nothing if the posts are not information-packed, useful + relevant to the wedding couples you’re trying to attract.

If you are posting epic, high-quality content once per week, this just might be enough over posting 5-7 short + lower-quality blog posts each week.

How Often Should You Blog for Business in the Wedding Industry?

Different bloggers have different posting schedules. Blogging schedules tend to relate to the goal the blogger has for their particular blog. Here are some posting schedules, why you might use the posting frequency + why it might work.


If you blog daily, you are going to see an increase in traffic. The more content you have, the higher + more often you can rank in the search engines + all of this can equal more traffic to your site.

Is it realistic for a pro in the wedding industry?

Probably not.

You might have spurts where you post on a daily basis, but it is likely to be short lived or you’ll just end up burning out when it comes to blogging. Daily blogging in the wedding industry is probably left to sites such as Style Me Pretty, Wedding Wire + The Knot.

These are, after all, HUGE sites with lots of writers. These are not one-woman shows or small businesses like most wedding planners + professionals tend to be. I think your time is best spent creating high-quality epic content + posting less frequently.

A Couple to Few Times a Week

If you have been reading any kind of blogging information in the past decade or so, this is probably the blog frequency you’ve been told to follow — 2 to 3 new posts per week. Similar to a daily publishing schedule, this blog post frequency schedule is likely to help your search engine rankings + draw brides + grooms to read your posts.

It’s still a pretty hefty schedule to manage, unless mix writing your own content with hiring a ghostwriter, gathering guest posts or using PLR content.


Weekly is probably a much more realistic posting schedule for wedding planners + well, anyone who blogs. This is my own posting schedule for one of my blogs. I post a little more sporadically on the Wedding Planner Copy blog because it is an older blog. For the Wedding Planner Copy blog, I focus a more on updating old blog posts than I do on always writing + publishing new content.

I mentioned before that I tend to publish on Mondays. It’s also when I send out my emails to my list of wedding pros. I’ve tested different publishing schedules + found that this is the day that more of my posts are read + more of my emails are opened. Wednesday is a close second.

You can test out a posting schedule as far as the day of the week goes for your own blog + your readers. You can also test out a posting frequency to see how it changes traffic, clicks, search engine rankings, etc.


How often should I blog for business































Posting one blog post a month is a popular blog frequency for a lot of wedding planners I chat with about blogging. It’s definitely not the best frequency for growing a wedding blog.

On the other hand, if you are writing fabulous content + driving a ton of traffic to it by being active on social media + hopefully SEO’ing the heck out of your content, then you can make it work for you.

Unfortunately, there is not one answer that is going to work for all wedding pros. If only…

Instead, you have to decide what your goal is with blogging + what type of brides + grooms you’re blogging for in the first place. This, along with numerous other factors, such as promoting on social media, are all factors in deciding which publishing frequency is the right one for your wedding blog.

How often do you publish new blog posts on your wedding blog?

How often should I blog for business



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