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In case you haven’t noticed, bride + groom reviews are the golden ticket on the Internet. The problem, from a business owner’s point-of-view, is that it’s those negative reviews that most hit your sites and listings. Those couples seem to be the ones that take the time to craft a lengthy, detailed account of all the ways you failed them. While clients who would gladly provide positive reviews might greatly outnumber the naysayers, they don’t always take the time to write about it because, well, they’re happy, which equals complacent.

Let’s talk a bit about how to get the positive reviewers motivated.

Ask and Thou Shalt (Probably) Receive

Here’s the thing. Unless you’re bad at what you do in your little corner of the wedding universe, you probably have plenty of satisfied clients out there who would gladly leave a quality positive review, but you’ve never asked them to (probably because you’re not really sure how to ask). Yes, it really is that simple! A heartfelt, “Thank you for your business,” at the time of service is all well and good and should be part of your routine, but where’s the simple question, “Would you mind leaving a review about your experience working with us?”

Don’t bother offering an incentive. If your product or service is great then satisfied clients are happy to shout this from the rooftops. All it takes is a simple request (although you can make it better by checking out what this article has to say). Even better than the request itself, though, is the follow-up email.

Use Your Contact List

To improve the quality of your reviews, you need to contact clients who’ve worked with you. The preferred method of communication is of course email or texting because it’s less intrusive than a phone call and allows your brides + grooms to pick and choose when they respond. 

If you’re working with a wedding couple, then you have their emails. If you’re trying to grow your email list from your site. Your goal should be an ever-growing list of potential clients so you can land even more positive reviews.

In for the Kill

Okay, you probably shouldn’t think of your clients as prey, but you should pay more attention to increasing the number as well as the quality of the reviews you receive. And in reality, the only thing standing between you and a pile of glowing reviews is education. By whatever effective means necessary, it’s your mission to teach them (yes, your clients) how important reviews are to the longevity of the business. According to Podium, honest, personalized client interaction is key to building trust and creating a foundation for more revenue. In the wedding industry, you’re either growing or dying, and the former requires a constant influx of new clients.

The most critical factor in receiving a quality review is to ask for it fast. If you make the request in person, follow up three days later with an email reminder that succinctly and politely asks them if to leave a review. You’re likely to get a higher response rate if you include a clickable link rather than telling them to go to a particular website. In order to get the ball rolling, you might trigger their memory by suggesting category titles to help them get started. For example, customer service, price, selection, etc.

The Bottom Line

It’s a never-ending battle to overcome the inertia of a satisfied client to get them to leave a quality review about their experience. Your job doesn’t end when the wedding does. It’s your job to get them to focus for a few minutes on helping you help them by writing down exactly what they liked about working with you on their wedding.

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