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You blog about weddings for a reason. You have knowledge about the wedding industry that your brides + grooms are dying to know. The first step is grabbing the attention of the brides + grooms you’re trying to attract, but how?

Well, there’s different types of blog posts you can write to accomplish your goal. According to Word Counter, there are several basic types to choose from and the most common are expository, narrative, persuasive and analytical.

The type you choose really depends on your goal.

Write an Expository Blog Article

If you’re trying to explain something to brides + grooms then an expository blog article is what you want to use. For example, you might write a blog about why the beach makes a perfect setting for a destination wedding or how to use items found in nature to save money on wedding decorations. Insert facts into these blog posts to support your explanation.

Create Persuasive Blog Articles

A persuasive blog article convinces brides + grooms that wedding professionals are an expert in the wedding industry and have viewpoints to support this. Brides + grooms who read your persuasive articles are looking for answers to questions or are interested in learning something new that they can incorporate into their wedding.

According to Kuno Creative, “Reader satisfaction comes from finding a blog post that’s relevant to their needs or interests, then learning something new or resolving an issue.”

It has to relate to your reader or they won’t read it. These articles should contain a strong thesis statement along with strong supporting evidence, however, be careful not to become overly emotional. Instead, let facts carry your argument. End these articles with a strong statement restating your main facts.

Write Analytical Blog Articles

These types of articles examine the evidence presented by other blog articles, books, magazine articles or something else that brides + grooms may have seen. Use your introduction to raise the main idea that you want to examine.

Then, present your well-written argument. Make sure that you provide readers with your personal response to the information presented by others whether you agree or not. Then, conclude the article with an explanation of how the examined text and your response tie together.

Fashion Argumentative Blog Articles

These types of articles use facts to support your own views on an issue, and they help establish your reputation as a thought leader in the wedding industry. In many ways, they are like persuasive articles, but this time you are giving your own opinion.

According to Essay Dragon, the main topics for these types of blogs are “important social matters, private issues, environmental problems, relationship questions, and local teething troubles.” If you can find some way to tie these topics and the wedding industry topics together, then you may find that you get asked by other bloggers to share your post–introducing your ideas to a whole new audience.

Make sure that you use facts and data to support your claims. You can eventually become a go-to resource for weddings.

You can rely on these four types of articles to come up with unique ideas to write posts for your own blog or as guest posts for other blogs. Think about the different styles that each one incorporates and play around with each type, writing a few different articles for your blog to cover a variety of issues. This can help you connect with a variety of brides + grooms.

Writing great content for your wedding blog is just the first step to achieving success. You need to also market the material on your blog. Pinterest is an effective way to do that. Check out this article to learn how to use Pinterest for your business!

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