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Writing only for the sake of SEO can create articles that not only read strange but can even bore or confuse the brides + grooms who are reading it. 

Here’s how to find a good balance between SEO and the content that your wedding couples want.

Keywords and Length

Keywords are essential for writing like a human for humans and for SEO purposes. Search engines use keywords to match up searches with results, and wedding couples, of course, use keywords to search for pages that provide them with the information they seek. This should get you thinking about your choice of keywords (because it’s important).

Here’s where it gets a little tricky because everything you thought you knew about writing for SEO (and people) is a little different than it used to be.

Check out how you should go about it:

  • Choose a topic first and keywords second
  • Use variations on the theme (wedding, marriage, bride, groom, etc.)
  • Check to see what searches Google suggests when you enter one of your keywords
  • DO NOT use awkward versions of keywords just to include them
  • DO NOT keyword stuff

The ideal length for a blog post depends on the content of the post—simple questions don’t need 2,000-word answers. Longer blog posts tend to rank better, but brides + grooms are not always in for the long haul. One way to deal with this is to search for your keywords and see how long the top-rated posts are, then make your post slightly longer. You can find free word-counter tools to make this process easier.


Headlines are critical for attracting both wedding couples and search engines. Search engines are programmed to look for keywords in headlines (and even sub-headlines) to give them extra weight in ranking, while brides + grooms use headlines to decide whether they are going to continue reading.

A good headline includes one or more of your keywords while providing an accurate representation of the content. A headline that has nothing to do with the content is going to lead to unhappy readers and down-ranking by search engines.

The Relationship Between Keywords and Content

The content of your page should, ideally, answer the questions that wedding couples who are searching for your keywords have. If your post is about the stylistic value of wedding dress options but people who are searching for ‘value wedding dresses’ are actually looking for information about cheap dresses, this might be a mismatch.

Use the Google predictions to see what else people who search for your keywords search for in order to get a better idea of what burning question brides + grooms are seeking an answer.

The Bottom Line

Write like a human for humans. Getting wedding couples to your page isn’t going to matter much if they don’t stay once they are there, and search engines are working hard to crack down on clickbait. You have to find the right balance for writing for human beings and SEO—but you can do it!

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