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Do you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine?

What this means to you is that when you sit down to write copy + content for your wedding biz, you have to find the balance between offering wedding couples the information they seek + optimizing it so that search engines like Google pick up on what you’re offering.

Write Copy for Your Wedding Biz that is SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimization, affectionately known as SEO, is a term that you probably hear more than you care to 🙂

As duplicitous as it may seem, writing copy that is search-engine friendly is importante!

According to Moz, SEO is a strategy. It’s you providing copy + content on your wedding biz website + blog that shows up organically in the search engine results page (affectionately know as SERPs). Then, it drives high quantities of more quality traffic to your site.

In this case, organic means naturally in that you aren’t paying for an ad.

The #1 way to get this organic traffic to your site is all about optimizing the copy + content on your wedding biz website + blog.

Logically, the more optimized your copy for your wedding biz website is, the higher Google ranks your page in the search engine page results, which means it gets in front of more wedding couples + drives more + higher quality traffic to your site.

Optimized copy = more clicks = more shares = more likes = more engagement = more booked wedding business.

SEO Copywriting vs. Copywriting

“With ‘normal’ copywriting for an article or print ad, you’ve probably already got the audience’s attention in some way or another—it’s in a magazine they read, there’s an attractive image, etc.—but with SEO copywriting, you have to think about how they’re going to find your piece through Google or another search engine. You’ll want to do keyword research and create a strong outline based on actual interest versus what you think readers want.” –Kevin Church, Senior SEO Content Manager for Namecheap

Make no mistake about it that writing website copy is a completely different animal than writing copy for any other form of marketing, advertising or informational purposes for your business.

SEO copywriting is an art.

SEO copywriting requires talent.

SEO copywriting requires a strategic approach.

You can write the most wonderful copy ever known in the wedding industry but if it’s not done with SEO in mind then it might never be found or seen by the wedding couples you’re trying to attract with it.

“The best copywriters use the best of both worlds. For example, ‘normal’ copywriting can tell a great story and keep a user engaged, but may not reach the correct audience. By adding SEO research into your content, you can refine your content to get more visibility.” –Liam Barrett, On-Page SEO Specialist for Namecheap

Again, it comes down to balancing writing that appeals to your wedding couples + attracts search engines. It can end up feeling like you’re balancing on a high wire at the circus with ZERO experience in tight-rope walking.

Do Your Keyword Homework

Your first stop in writing SEO copy for your wedding biz website is doing your homework — also known as keyword research.

You have to find out which words your wedding couples are searching for, interested in + seeking information about before you can use them.

It ultimately comes down to knowing who your brides + grooms are. If you don’t know who they are it might require you take a step back + build your dream client profile so you get to know who they are first.

Of course, not every bride + groom are going to use the same keyword to search for the information that your copy + content provides. This is why it is key to really home in on who your dream clients are that you are trying to attract so you know exactly which term they’d use.

Once you nail down the terminology they’re using, then you can write compelling copy that attracts the search engines + attracts the clients that you’re trying to book. Check out what the online marketing resource Quicksprout says what doing your keyword homework can ultimately reveal to you.

Headlines Matter

Advertising great, David Ogilvy said it best when he said, “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

If this doesn’t scream headlines are important to you then I don’t know what does or will!

Great copywriting all starts with an attention-grabbing headline. If you don’t grab the attention of wedding couples with your headline, they might never read all of that stellar copy that follows.

If the headline doesn’t grab their attention in the search engines then wedding couples are not going to click on it so they never reach your website + never read all of the fab things you have to say.

When you’re writing your SEO copy for your wedding biz website, start with the headline.

I go into great detail about how to write attention-grabbing headlines if you head over to:

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I have quite a few articles on headlines because headlines are sooooooooo important in writing copy. I also devote an entire module to headlines in my Copywriting for Wedding Pros Home Course.

Focus on Attention-Grabbing Meta Descriptions

Most people erroneously think that the meta descriptions you write in your SEO program is for search engines.

It’s not.

It’s for the wedding couples that are conducting a search.

When your link pops up in the search engines, the meta description is the little description that appears under the headline/link. Most brides + grooms read this to see if it is worth clicking on the link (because it provides the information they’re looking for).

Even though the meta description is not for the search engines, you still want to include your keywords in the description.

Why, you might ask?

Well, I am glad you asked. If a bride or groom sees the keywords they were using to find your link, they are much more likely to click on your link when the meta description also includes the keywords they used to conduct their search in the first place.

Makes total sense, right?

Indirectly, Google still rewards you for this because the more clicks your link gets, the higher you rank in the search engine results.

Links Send A Message

Adding relevant links to your copy + content sends the right message to Google, too. Add both internal links (links to content on your website) + external links (links to other websites + other people’s content).

When you link to relevant + useful content, it sends a message to Google that your site values high-quality content. This totally aligns with Google’s mission to make content accessible everywhere so they reward you for properly linking in your content + copy.

(HINT: You might see some of this going on in this article.)

The Rule of KISS Comes into Play Here

Again, balance comes into play here. You want your copy to be simple, intriguing + straight to the point (KISS—keep it simple stupid). While your copy does not necessarily have to be short (long can be a good thing), you do want to keep it simple + straight to the point so readers can follow along, find what they need + move on to hiring you.

You gotta get the info in there, but you better make it good.

The lesson is to make the most of the words you use, ensuring it packs a powerful enough punch to get them to read what you have to say while also getting Google to fall in love with your website at the same time.

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