Why You Should Keep on Writing Blog Posts (Even if Nobody is Reading It)

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Keep Writing Blog Posts Even if Nobody is Reading

I read an article recently by The Girl Blogger Next Door, Michelle Schaeffer. She writes about how she would continue writing blog posts for her blog, wait for it…even if NOBODY was reading them!

Personally, I think it is genius.

I’m always telling wedding planners I talk to + I work with to JUST BE YOU when you are writing blog posts (copy or any content). I even teach this concept (+ how to do it) in my Wedding Biz Blogging ebook. People flock to you for your personality, your point of view + your take on a topic.

Michelle says it all in a nutshell. You can check out her full article + see what you think, but I say write on–even if nobody is reading it right now. Trust me, they’ll start reading it soon if you stay true to be you!

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