5 Lead Ideas for Wedding Planners to Boost Leads

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The fact of the matter is, your calendar isn’t going to book itself. It might seem like an obvious statement, but you sitting there doing nothing about it isn’t going to change anything.

So, here are a few lead ideas for wedding planners to get a jumpstart on bringing in fresh new leads, so you have a chance to turn the leads into booked weddings.

#1 Email

Sending out emails is still the #1 way to find new bride leads AND to turn those leads into booked weddings. When you share high-quality, juicy content with your email list, the word spreads (You know brides are chatty. Grooms can be chatty, too). This makes new people want to jump on your email list.

When you continue to share high-quality, juicy content with your list, it engages your subscribers. Engaged subscribers turn into clients that are planning their wedding.

Email marketing is the way to stay top of mind with brides + grooms at all stages of the wedding planning process.

Another option is to partner up with a wedding vendor in a related business. Co-brand your emails, so you send out emails to your list on their behalf + they send out your emails to their list on your behalf.

This is a great way to tap into new bride + groom leads. Cha-ching, cha-ching.

#2 Build Street Cred

Think along the lines of Angie’s List here. When someone is searching for a high-rated company to fix their AC, they turn to sites like Angie’s List + Yelp.


So they can read the reviews from other customers of that company. It is LIKELY (although not absolute) that if other customers had a great or good experience with the company, then they will too.

The same holds true for wedding planners.

Put a system into place where you ask your happy wedding clients to provide reviews + feedback for you. It can be on LinkedIn, Yelp, The Know, Wedding Wire or even your Facebook business page. It gives you street cred when potential clients are doing their homework on you (behind your back).

You can also use these testimonials on your website, in your email marketing campaigns, newsletters + the list just goes on + on.

#3 Pump Up Your Social Media Presence

You might think of social media as a time suck, but it can work to find a steady stream of new leads. Regularly update your business page + even your personal page with statuses where you share yummy (+ I do mean scrumptious) wedding content with your followers.

Share articles about the local wedding market (either ones you’ve written or that are published online already). Give them quick tips + advice on weddings. Share quick tricks on how to find wedding vendors, how to pick flowers, or even how to make a list of shots for the photographer.

You don’t have to stick strictly to sending out wedding planning topics. You can share related information with your audience so they look to you as a resource — a resource they call upon when it’s time to start planning their big day.

#4 Lead Magnet

When you have a bunch of brides + grooms landing on your site, do you have a way to capture their info? Offer them a freebie (like a free planning checklist on how to navigate the wedding planning process) in exchange for their email address.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

Decide + make sure you have a way of capturing info on the brides + grooms who are visiting your site so you can communicate with them on an ongoing basis. (So you can turn the leads into booked weddings.)

#5 Be Mobile

With 66% of emails + 30% of website traffic coming from mobile devices (phones + tablets), your site best be mobile friendly. The best way to generate leads is to make sure your site is usable on any device — laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The fastest way to lose those leads is for your site not to work on a mobile device.

Lead to a Booked Calendar

You have to have leads to book your calendar. You have work to do in between finding the lead + booking the wedding, but use one or all of these five tactics to start pulling in new leads in today.

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