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When you’re writing marketing copy that speaks directly to your dreamiest of dream couples, you really have to focus on how your service benefits them (It’s the whole “What’s in it for them” thing.). If you’re listing out a bunch of features, you’re making a huge mistake. It can quickly lose you business because you’re revealing your services in a way that is meaningless to wedding couples.

Slant Your Marketing Message

Instead, slant and angle your messages and content so that it is all about them. When you shop for services, it’s all about you. When you’re selling your services, it’s all about them — your clients. You have to deliver messages that show them how what you do benefits them rather than bore them with the features of your service.

Step into the shoes of your clients for just a moment. Think about why they should hire you over your competition. Think about why your service is the one that resolves their problems or fits their needs or wants. Think about it from their point of view, though, not why you think your business is so great (Remember: It is not about you).

Choose Benefits, Avoid Features

NEVER list out the features your service provides to clients. Instead, focus on how it benefits them.

Brides and grooms are very selfish, in a way, so that it is ALL about them. They definitely suffer from the “WIIFM Syndrome.” When they are reading marketing materials or information on a business, product or service, they often stop and say, “That’s great, but so what. What’s in it for me?”

If nothing else, make sure that your marketing messages, information, and other materials TELL THEM precisely how they benefit from doing business with you. This is something that you don’t want them to determine on their own. This is something you want to express to them loud and clear.

The best thing to do is to step into the shoes of your clients and ask yourself what kind of information you would want to find if you were searching for the service you’re offering.

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