Modern Marketing for the Event and Wedding Planner: Book Review

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I try to stay on top of anything related to the wedding planning industry, so I scooped up this book Modern Marketing for the Event and Wedding Planner almost as soon as I saw it.


Wedding planners.

It’s delicious stuff, people.

Plus, wedding planners ask me all the time if I know of any good books they can read about marketing their business, getting in front of more brides, and booking more weddings.

So here is my review of the book. You can take it or leave it.

modern marketing for the event and wedding planner book cover

The Good

Let’s start out with all of the good news about the book.

It’s inexpensive. You can scoop it up for about $9.99, so if you’re looking to dig into some marketing techniques, this book offers a low-cost entry into the world of marketing your wedding biz.

I also found it to be extremely easy to read and to follow. Now, I must admit, one of my degrees is in marketing and I’ve worked in marketing for many years, soooooooooooo…that might put me at a slight advantage.

I do believe though that the author goes through it systematically enough and easy enough for almost anyone to understand and implement.

He breaks down the steps wedding planners have to take in marketing into very small chunks. You can digest each step a couple of pages at a time. Once you are able to swallow what he’s saying, then you can take action.

He provides specific examples for wedding and event planners. This is great news because it is not a generic marketing book, talking about any type of business or industry. Instead, he focuses his examples specifically on the wedding and event industry.

Finally, the author makes some great and valid points about marketing a wedding business — some that I say and use when I talk with wedding planners, write articles and blog posts, and use when writing copy or teaching wedding planners how to write their own copy.

The Bad

With the good comes the bad, so here it is…

The book is only available in a kindle/electronic version. Barnes and Noble sells it as a Nook version. Personally, I like paper books for certain occasions, and a marketing book about my biz is one that I would prefer a tangible copy. Maybe this is not a disadvantage to you. Maybe it is. It is to me.

It’s a ton of steps. The author covers 100+ steps in the book. In some ways, he could have combined some of the related steps together, still making it just as easy for you to digest and take action — making chapters four, five, or even six pages long instead of two.

Finally, the author is not and never was an event or wedding planner. He works in marketing and advertising and has worked with wedding and event planners, but he has never walked a mile in your shoes.

Can a great marketing guru market any business? Probably.

Sometimes, however, it takes one to know one.

The Ugly

And, now, the ugly….

The marketing suggestions, techniques, and steps the author suggests are not very modern. To give you a frame of reference, he mentions your business answering machine message. Answering machine? Some of you might not even know what that is! Since the book was published circa 2011, it is missing most of the truly modern marketing techniques, but if you’re looking for the foundational pieces, you can find it here.

Another thing I didn’t like about the book is that it’s not highly specific on what to do. In most cases, he gives you a cursory overview and then moves on to the next step/chapter. In other words, it’s informational, but not always as actionable as it could be.

Finally, there is a lot of “stuff” that leads up to the actual marketing steps of the book. Again, if you need a ton of foundational information on setting up your marketing, then the book contains a lot of this info. If you have the foundational elements down and you’re really looking for some modern ways to promote your business, then this book is not necessarily for you.