Nailing Down the Call to Action

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EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. of your website MUST HAVE a call to action. The call to action is a sentence/statement that tells the brides and grooms checking out your page what it is you want them to do next.

Some sample call to actions:

  • “For more information, call”
  • To book your own consultation, visit”
  • “Are you ready to roll on down the aisle today (or at least, get the planning process rolling)? Email to schedule your free consultation.”

Three things I want to share with you about the call action, so you really nail it down and drive your point home are:

  1. Use it. Always include a call to action on your website pages.
  2. Use it multiple times. You can have more than one call to action on each page. The final call to action should be at the end of the page, but you can have one or more call to action statements spread throughout the page (especially if it is a long page).
  3. Use it in different ways. Avoid using the same call to action statement throughout the piece. Instead rephrase and reword the call to action and make it slightly different. As a subset of this, also provide the brides and grooms with different ways to act, such as including a phone number, website page, and email so they can choose the way they reach out to you.
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  1. Alex Riddle
    Alex Riddle says:

    As a web designer, I love this! Just make sure people really test out what CTAs work for them, and provides value to them. My favorite is always “Talk To Us” because it seems to start a dialogue where you can really sell yourself, rather than try to all on the site.

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