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You Have to Niche it to Rich It in the Wedding Business

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I’m a former certified wedding planner and now I write content and copy for wedding planners.

Last year, I turned 40 and shared 40 marketing lessons for wedding planners to market their wedding biz.

Wedding Industry Marketing

Here’s Lesson #1.

Niche it to rich it

You have to choose your niche, focus on your niche, and cater all of your marketing efforts and marketing messages to that niche. You CANNOT market to ALL types of brides and couples and expect to succeed in your marketing.

Some niches to consider (not an inclusive list):

  • Destination weddings
  • Luxury weddings
  • Same-sex weddings
  • Shoe-string budget brides
  • Millennials
  • Second marriages
  • High-end weddings
  • Intimate weddings
  • Weddings for a specific venue

Again, these are not your only options. In fact, the options are endless, but narrowing down your niche allows you to focus everything you do in marketing your business AND increases your booked weddings.

Do you cater to a specific niche?

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