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You can have the prettiest website design of all wedding planners. At the end of your blog post or at the end of your wedding website page, however, if you haven’t persuaded the brides and grooms that are reading it that they need to hire you — and hire you fast — then you’ve failed (+ no amount of pretty is going to change that).

Check out the 5 ways to persuade wedding couples that they need to hire you — and hire you quick.

persuasive copywriting for wedding planners

#1 Be You

Wedding couples fall in love with you (and what you can do for them). Remember this when you write copy. Be you when you write. Allow your personality, charm, and the person you are to shine through your writing. You want them to feel as if they know you and already love you before they ever meet you. (Because this also means they want to hire you.)

#2 Be Attractive

You gotta grab their attention right away (and then hold on to it to the bittersweet end). The #1 way to be attractive and persuade brides and grooms is to write fabulous headlines. Write headlines that (1) show them how the service/product you’re touting on that particular page is a benefit to them (2) describes what your biz is all about (3) creates a need or desire for what you have to offer.

Want a headline cheat sheet? Grab it free as part of my Writing Survival Kit for Wedding Planners.

#3 Be a Storyteller

Everyone L-O-V-E-S a good story. Wedding couples L-O-V-E a good love story (especially their own). You can help them tell their love story, but, first, you have to use storytelling as a way to get them to hire you to tell their love story. Use a great story (real or imagined) that takes them on a journey on each page of your website.

#4 Be Active

Talk in the present. Do this by using active voice and avoid passive voice. Instead of saying “will,” use “can.” In the end, active voice is about using simple and direct language that is easy for wedding couples to understand. You also want to write as if you are talking directly to them. Active voice is the way to do this.

#5 Be Focused

When you direct brides and grooms to another page on your site or to a page on your site from a social media post, blog post, or some other external source, be focused. Send them to a page that directly relates to the topic, product, or wedding service you’re talking about. It’s so much better than sending them into la-la land.

Engage and persuade — it’s the name of the game when using your website copy to book weddings. Follow these five steps and you’re well on your way to makin’ it happen.

Want my Writing Survival Kit for Wedding Planners? It has everything you need to get started with your copy and content writing. It’s FREE.

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