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The wedding industry changes + evolves. Wedding customers also change + evolve.

As a wedding pro, the next generation that you need to prep your wedding business for is Generation Z. According to Maryville University, “70% of Gen Z buys products and services via social media, making social media marketing an essential tactic to reach the demographic. 69% of Gen Z use Instagram, making it the generation’s most popular social media platform. This is followed by Facebook and Snapchat, which is each used by 67%.”

What does this mean?

It means you have to approach Generation Z adults differently than you would approach Baby Boomers, Millennials or Gen Xers. There are some distinct differences. Additionally, there are some sensitivities you have to consider.

Start with these four tips as you make your approach to Gen Z.

1. Utilize the Power of Text Messages

While it’s so great to pick up the phone to talk to your clients, understand that this generation prefers certain conversations happen via text messages. According to Inc., there was a study conducted “in which almost 75 percent of American Gen Z and Millennials told researchers that they prefer to talk with other people via text message–as opposed to actually talking with them.”  

If it’s an in-depth conversation, it’s okay to pick up the phone or meet face-to-face. However, the more decisions you can make via text, the better. Ask each client how they prefer to communicate. If they are upfront and tell you they want correspondence via text message, then texting it is.

2. An Inspiring Instagram is a Must

With a generation that is over social media, one of the first places they turn to check out your work is your Instagram. Use Instagram to highlight your expertise, show your weddings + reveal your products/services. It’s all about social validating your wedding business. When people can see that you have a consistent brand online, they are more likely to consider hiring you for their wedding.

3. Creatively Merge Cultures

According to The Emily Post Institute, “Brides and grooms today are finding each other across all kinds of religious and cultural divides, and the rise of multicultural and interfaith weddings has led to beautiful new expressions of identity, culture, and faith, as well as whole new sets of traditions.”

People are actively fighting for equality + trying to tear down the barriers between race, gender + sexuality. This also changes the couples that are getting married–making them more diverse that you may have seen in previous years in the wedding industry. Prepare for more diverse couples + weddings + find ways to combine cultures + lifestyles.

4. Prepare for Privacy

Even though Generation Z is social media crazy, they don’t necessarily want their weddings to go viral online. Instead, make sure that you also use platforms like Snapchat that allow content to appear + disappear quickly.

According to Forbes, “Unlike the more showy Millennials, Gen Z is less interested in sharing their lives with the public. Anonymous social media platforms like Secret + Snapchat are more appealing to Gen Z than Facebook + similar platforms that leave permanent records, which can come back to haunt users later on.” 

As you continue to receive more clients who are members of Generation Z, you might find additional tips that work for this generation alone. Continue to be adaptable in your approach yet classic in your branding. When you deliver consistency across the board, you can continue to attract the likes of all generations.


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