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It is probably one of the most common questions wedding planners ask me. Most wedding pros know that they need wedding content (in some way, shape, or form) to market their wedding business, but they have no idea promote wedding content once they have it in their hot little hands.

The mystery ends today.

I can’t reveal all of the ways you can push your wedding content out into the wedding universe in this one little blog post, but I can share a couple of quickies.

BTW: These are some of the same exact steps I take to distribute my content (+ it works like gangbusters).

Create an Email Campaign

The very first thing I do with new content (after posting it to my blog) is to turn it into an email campaign to the appropriate list. I don’t always email it out right away. Instead, I schedule it to go out.

(HINT: This often allows me to have my e-newsletters done + my email campaigns scheduled well into the future, so I’m not creating these things by the seat of my pants.)

Email campaigns get your content in front of the brides + grooms you know want to hear what you have to say. Include share options (forward to a friend + social media icons in your email campaigns) to make it easy for them to share the wedding content, so you can grow your list.

Promote Wedding Content with Reddit

This is hands down one of the biggest sources of traffic when I promote wedding content. From one blog post that I shared on Reddit, it generated 143 visits to ONE post in ONE DAY.

It is totally free to set up a Reddit account + you can make it easy to share by adding a Reddit button to your blog post pages. After I post to my blog, I click on the Reddit button on my post + it allows me to add it to my Reddit account to share with the universe. (It’s soooooo simple I’m convinced my one-year-old can do it.)


Snip.ly is another content distribution option that allows you to piggyback on the content that big businesses/websites/companies/publications are already distributing. I was able to piggyback on an Entrepreneur article with a similar topic that brought the most comments to date to my blog posts.

  1. Head on over to your fave search engine.
  2. Conduct a search on the topic of your article.
  3. Copy the link to the article you choose. (HINT: If it’s at the top of Google, for example, then it probably is there because it has a lot of views, shares + comments.)
  4. Once you’re in your snip.ly account, paste the link to the article you found + click the snip button.
  5. Fill in the popup box info + hit create.

Promote Wedding Content + Watch the Traffic Roll

These are but three of soooooooooo many quick + simple ways to get your content in front of the brides + grooms you’re trying to attract. It works to drive traffic to your site + gives you the chance to book more weddings.

And, we all know that means more money in your pocket.

Learn how to create + promote content that attracts the brides + grooms you want to work with in your wedding business. Check out my Wedding Biz Blogging email course. It’s FREE to join.

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