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The About Page of your website is a powerful tool for converting shopping wedding couples into booked weddings. If your About description puts your visitors to sleep, then you’re not likely to keep their attention long enough to get them to hire you, let alone contact you. If you use this power to truly sell you and your services by differentiating your wedding planning business from the rest, then you’ll see your bookings soar.

Share Your Story

Every wedding planner has a story or history behind them. If you’re planning green weddings after a cancer health scare, then this is your story. If you turned your business into a multimillion company after being homeless, then this is your story. If you freed yourself from corporate America to share the dream of becoming a wedding planner, then this is your story.

Whatever your story is, use it on the about page of your website. Your story is what sets your business apart from all of the other wedding planners in your area. It is what helps wedding couples that come to your site relate to you. The ability of clients to relate to you or see themselves in your situation is often what propels them to hire you instead of someone else.

Answer Their Questions

In addition to your story, use your About Page to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. List the question and then write out a short two to three sentence response. Include links, where appropriate, that readers can click on to find additional information on the topic.

Let Customers Speak for You

Your About Page can also include a testimonial or two from existing or past clients. Use testimonials that not only paint your business in a great light, but that paint stories of their own that your clients can relate. When a wedding couple reading your About Page sees themselves or can relate to a customer that has been helped or satisfied by your service, they are much more likely to hire you than if you’re simply telling them that they should hire you.

While most about pages on websites are boring timelines and professional experience descriptions, this is not the most effective use of this real estate on your website. Put your About Page to good use. Put a human-interest story and spin on it, along with answers to questions, and testimonials. A combination of these items creates a highly effective about page that converts visitors into buyers.

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