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Step out of the role of wedding planner for a moment and step into the stylish shoes of your DREAM clients. Think about how you feel when you pick up your favorite magazine or newspaper or you are reading an email about a service you’re thinking about buying.


Be the Bride or Groom

What is it that grabs your attention?

What words, phrases, headlines and more make you stand up, take notice and read on to gather more information?

Is it certain colors, photographs, specific words, the use of different font styles?

Whatever it is, it is worth noting so that you can test out these same elements in writing your own marketing copy or putting together your own marketing materials that attract your dream clients.

Use the Resources

The three primary resources you can use to conduct your own market research include:

  • Competitors’ marketing materials
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

Start with your competition. Go to their website or pick up their brochures. Don’t sit down and read the items from cover to cover yet. Instead, glance quickly at the item you are looking at and see what catches your attention.

You don’t only have to use the marketing materials of your competition either. When you walk into a doctor’s office or are in the lobby of a hotel where there are racks of brochures, flyers, and rack cards, quickly glide your eyes over the racks and pull out the marketing materials that grab your attention.

Note what specific elements each one has that attracted you to the item in the first place.

Magazines and newspapers. Magazines and newspapers are two additional resources that can help you nail down what kinds of things attract attention. When you pick up the next magazine or newspaper (or pull it up on your screen), before you read it, quickly flip (or scroll) through the pages.

Consider the things that make you stop flipping and want to start reading. Is it the headline of the article? Is it the picture that accompanies the story? Is it the caption of the picture? Is the use of color?

Once you gather your notes on what grabs your attention, you can use this list to start testing things in your own marketing copy and marketing materials. In order to conduct a true test, do not try to implement all of the elements at once. Instead, implement one change at a time and measure the difference in response rates.

Your turn. Go!

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