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There is a line drawn in the proverbial sand of website copy between what is “sales” copy and what is “informational” copy. In reality, though, all your copy is “sales” copy. Informational copy is simply sales copy in disguise.

This is by no means a way of diminishing informational copy down to be a sleazy “used-car salesman” approach, but it is to say that the content you share with brides and grooms is all in an effort to eventually book a wedding.

Sales Copy

Some of the primary pieces of the sales copy on your website include the benefits of your services and the call to action. When you are writing website copy, you are using language, words and phrases that create a desire for your services.

The call to action is the statement that tells brides and grooms exactly how to hire you. Couples, in general, are savvy enough to know that this is the copy that is trying to sell them on your services.

Informational Copy

Your blog posts and articles on your website are from an informational point of view. When you write a how-to article or share wedding industry news in your blog post, you are using an indirect approach to selling to the couples on your site. You share informational content with brides and grooms to build credibility with them.

When they see you as a wedding expert and a resource for wedding information, they return to your site over and over again. Once they build a relationship with you by following the information you provide, they will eventually come to a point where they reach out to you to hire you.

The Balance

So, the short answer to the question is that your website copy should have a combination of direct sales copy and indirect informational sales copy. The majority of your website pages contain both sales and informational copy. You should balance the type of copy you write on your pages until you have the perfect recipe for booking weddings.

In truth, all of the copy that you write in marketing pieces is a combination of both sales and informational content. Even when you write an article to post on an article directory, you include promotional content in the author box or as links in the article that direct readers to your site. The key is to find the right balance so that you are sharing your content, be it sales or informational, in a way that is genuine to you and your wedding couples, without the sleazy used-car salesman (or woman) approach.

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