Build Your List of Brides + Grooms Offering Email Courses

Another great way to build your list of brides and grooms is to offer a free email course on a wedding topic. The purpose of an email course is to provide enough information to intrigue the “student,” but not give away every detail. To receive the free email course, the bride has to provide you with their name and email address. Once you add their name and email address to your database, you can have the opportunity to convert them into booked weddings on your calendar.

Once you add their name and email address to your database, you can have the opportunity to convert them into booked weddings on your calendar.


The topics for email courses are almost endless. A wedding planner may share her 7-steps to creating the wedding of your dreams. Each day of the program covers an aspect of wedding planning — creating promotional emails or a step in the system.

To get an idea of what an email course looks like, you can subscribe to a free online email course or challenge. You may even want to subscribe to a couple of different ones to see how various companies handle their email course programs.

Think about an aspect of your business and then spend a few hours (or less) turning it into a program that runs over a five to seven day period.


Setting up the Course

You can use your email contact software to setup the emails so that the emails are sent to subscribers automatically — putting your system on autopilot. There are also online autoresponder programs you can use.

You’re probably familiar with autoresponders in the sense of creating an autoresponder for your email when you’re out-of-the-office on vacation. You may even have an autoresponder that goes out to everyone who sends you an email whether you’re in the office or not.

You can use the same autoresponder concept to market to the brides and grooms on your list as well — albeit on a grander scale. You can set up an autoresponder email course so the series automatically goes out to subscribers over a scheduled period of time, and in succession.

For example, if it is a 5-day course, then the first email goes out immediately after they subscribe. Day 2 goes out one day later and so on. The point of autoresponders is to schedule out constant communication with your subscribers.

Using an autoresponder for email courses minimizes your effort because you only have to write the emails once and everything happens automatically after that. (Oh the joy!)

Lead Them to Book You

It’s relatively simple to use email courses to help build your list of brides and grooms. It’s also an opportunity for you to show potential clients the service you can provide them in an indirect way.

Remember, the point of an email course is to intrigue — so you’re giving them just enough information so that they want more. Once you capture their name and email address, they become part of your database and you can now try to convert those looky-lou brides and grooms into booked weddings.

The Power of a Wedding Freebie (+ It’s Not What You Think)

When wedding planners hear they have to offer potential brides + grooms a wedding freebie, they get this stunned look in their eyes. After all, aren’t they in business to make money, not give away stuff for free?

While this is true in many respects, the free offer can be a highly valuable + effective marketing strategy when you know how to work it + why it benefits your wedding business.

3 Advantages of a Wedding Freebie

#1 It Creates a Give + Take Relationship 

In reality, you are giving away something for free—be it a checklist, download from you website, or a free ebook. The key to this marketing strategy though is the take part of the equation. In exchange for you giving the brides + grooms a valuable tool or resource for free is they have to provide you with information too—usually their name + email address (sometimes, just the email address) + maybe a wedding date.

Some wedding planners take it a step further + ask the couples to answer a couple of questions. Based on the responses, the planner can further qualify the wedding couple to see which service fits the subscribers’ needs.

Then, this is where the magic happens…

You can base an entire marketing strategy + campaign to target each group of wedding couples to send them additional information that leads them into the appropriate service package you offer.

#2 It Shows What You Can Do

Giving away some valuable information is also your chance to show brides + grooms what you can do for them. This is your chance to shine. It’s your 15 of fame.

Would you buy a perfume or cologne without smelling it first? Probably not because you have no idea if it smells good or terrible.

Would you buy a car (a much more expensive item than perfume or cologne) without taking it out on a test drive? Nope, nope, nope. 

Especially when you’re dealing with higher ticket items (+ emotionally charged events) like weddings, your potential brides + grooms want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

Giving them a “preview” of the power of your services can intrigue them enough to want more. When you’re showing them what your potential is, though, you have to find a balance between giving them enough information without giving them too much.

#3 Opens up the Lines of Communication

The most important benefit of a free offer is that it’s your chance to open up the line of communication with these brides + grooms. If they are interested in your free offer then chances are good that they are interested in your wedding planning services.

Now that you have the lead on these potential brides + grooms, it’s time to communicate with them consistently + convert them into booked weddings. If they opted to receive your free offer, they want to hear from you with more information + hear more of what you have to say as the expert that you are. 

The free offer can pack a powerful punch to your marketing efforts. It’s a great way to build your opt-in list + open up the lines of communication with brides + grooms. Once the lines are open, you create opportunities to convert these couples into BOOKED weddings.

It’s as simple as that.