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Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.
–Anton Chekhov


We’ve been talking about the steps (6 so far) you have to take to write marketing copy that engages brides and grooms AND gets them to hire you (sooner rather than later).

Today, we’re going to tackle the final step.

Whatever the piece is that you have created just has to get out there. You have to drop it in the mail, email it or just market it already. Sitting on your desk or in the draft folder of your inbox isn’t going to attract your DREAM wedding couples and make you money.

Once you take the time to identify your wedding client, understand the purpose for what you are writing, get their attention, deliver your message, tell them how it benefits them, and tell them what to do next, you have to USE the marketing copy you have created.

That’s right, JUST MARKET IT.

That email promotion isn’t going to do anything sitting in your email drafts. Send it to your email list.

That referral request letter isn’t going to bring you in new potential customers sitting in the documents folder of your computer. Print it, stuff it in envelopes, and mail it!

While you do want your marketing message and content to be right, to be professional and to be effective, using something that isn’t quite perfect is better than not using it at all.

Some kind of marketing is better than no marketing. Getting it out there allows you to measure the results, tweak it, and get a better version out the door the next time. You may have the best wedding planning business in town, but if your dream clients don’t know it exists then it is all for naught.

You may be the best wedding planner in the wedding industry, but if nobody knows your name then forget about them hiring you. Marketing 101:  You have to get your wedding business, product or service name in front of the brides and groom who want to buy what you’re selling or HIRE YOU.

You may have the best wedding planning business in your city, but if brides and grooms don’t know it exists then it is all for naught. You may sell the highest quality product, but if nobody knows you sell it then it isn’t doing you or your business any good.

To make it simple, this means that once you put all of your hard work into creating the message for your wedding planning business, you then have to do the hard work it takes to get your message out there.

Marketing messages and services don’t do you any good if the sales letter never goes in the mail, the email campaign never gets assembled and scheduled or the newsletter copy simply sits in your head.

What have you done to market your business today?

You put a lot of time and effort into writing and putting together your marketing pieces. After your time investment, you have to disseminate and get your marketing message out there. If you don’t then all of your efforts do you no good.

If you create a postcard with a coupon to send to your mailing list, but it never goes in the mail, then nothing will happen.

If you write a promotional email to announce the launch of your new service, but you don’t send it then nobody will know.

If you write a press release about the opening of a new location but don’t send it out to the media then you won’t get any coverage.

So, the three ways to just market it are:

1. Mail it
2. Send it out via email
3. Hand it out

The bottom line is you have to get your message out into the wedding world or brides and grooms are never going to know that you wrote it in the first place. More importantly, if you don’t disseminate your message and it remains your best-kept secret, then so are your services and wedding planning business.

Best kept secret businesses typically fail because nobody knows it exists.

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