The Awesomesauce Copy Recipe for Landing Pages

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Writing copy for a landing page is a LOT like cooking. If you use the RIGHT ingredients and follow the instructions, the recipe tends to turn out the way it is supposed to — delicious and leaving your guests licking their chops in anticipation of eating more.


This is your goal with your landing page copy.

You want to make the copy so edible that your DREAM brides are lined up — ready to eat it with a spoon.

Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s not a secret formula where you just shove some words into a template and BOOM, the magic happens.

Uh-ah. Ain’t going to happen, my friend.

BUT…the awesomesauce recipe gives you the right ingredients. You just have to mix it together.

First…we’re going to break down the recipe. You can grab a quick overview of what goes into your landing page copy before we jump in with both mixing spoons.

Then, we’re going to tackle ingredient #1 (numero uno) on our list.

Then, add in the rest of the KEY ingredients and produce the most delish landing page copy…ever (ev-ah, ev-ah).

Follow the Recipe

1.   Attention Grabber

Yup, it all starts with a headline.

2.   Mix in the Deets

The devil is in the details. Give them just enough to make it sinfully good (but in a good, sugary frosting kind of way).

3.   Give Them the Why

Tell them why your product, service, or whatever it is you’re selling is for them.

Part of the why they should buy from you is ABOUT YOU! Give your short, tweaked and twisted bio.

4.   Add in Some Street Cred

Share testimonials so you can show ‘em rather than tell ‘em why to buy.

5.   Put on Your Bossy Pants

You have to tell them (straight up) what to do next.

Now you have the recipe, so go mix it up and write your landing page.

Want all the deets on how to write a landing page that books your calendar solid? Check it out. It’s one of the ecourses I offer — just for wedding planners.

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