The Biggest Myth about Content

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When it comes to using content to market your wedding business, wedding planners tend to have the “If I build it, they will come,” mentality. Content marketing DOES work, but you can’t just slap some content up on your website and think you’re going to be flooded with couples ready to hire you (and receive a deluge of business).

So the biggest myth is that if you put content on your site that you’re going to instantly start booking weddings.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

So here’s the truth: You have to write, share, and disseminate the content in order to pull engaged couples to your site. Then, once they are there, you have to engage them with your content so you can convince them to hire you and pony up some cold hard cash for your services.

So how to do you do this? The answer is the same for all three stages of the process (pulling, engaging, and convincing).

#1 Consistently Provide Fresh Content

Always. Be. Writing (or sharing) content. The key is to provide a fresh and constant stream of content to your dreamiest of dream brides and grooms. Pick you poison. You can provide content every day, if you so choose. You can opt to send your message out into the universe once a week. It doesn’t really matter as long as you do it and you do it regularly.

  • Post it on your website/blog
  • Send out social media updates
  • Submit it as a guest blog post
  • Turn it into a video and upload it to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Podcast it and send it to iTunes
  • Include it as the feature in your e-newsletter
  • Send it out as a solo mailing (one lonely little article) to your mailing list

In the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

#2 Always Provide Useful Content

Don’t send out junk into the wedding universe either. Junk out = junk in. Always aspire to provide highly useful information to couples. Provide them with tips. Give them advice. Supply them with resources. Be as helpful as the concierge at your fave hotel-motel Holiday Inn (sorry, I got the song in my head while I was typing that line).

#3 Perpetually Give Relevant Content

Relevancy is another key element of content marketing. If your couples don’t care about it, then they aren’t going to read it. If they don’t read your content, they aren’t going to connect with you — form a relationship with you — and they’re certainly not going to hire you (no matter how fab you are).

The truth hurts, and it pained me to write that just writing content isn’t where the buck stops (or comes in, in this case). You have to provide juicy, scrumchilicious content to your ideal clients and you have to send it out to the universe or…nothing comes from it.