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If you learn nothing else about writing website copy that reaches your wedding couples, learn the copy secret for wedding planners — learn how to write headlines. Even one of the advertising greats, David Ogilvy, once said,

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

So, there you go. If you spend $1 on advertising, 80 cents is in the headline. That’s big money, peeps.

Spend more time crafting a fabulous headline than you do putting together your fab content. The point is that if your headline doesn’t do its job — to grab the attention of your wedding couples — then the rest of your content/copy doesn’t matter because they never read it anyway.

The Art of Writing Headlines

Writing great headlines takes time and it takes practice. It’s an art, but an art that you can learn.

Before you write your next headline, consider these three points:

1. Avoid the Pete and Repeat Syndrome

Do you know how you say something and then a two year old repeats what you say? Classic case of Pete and Repeat — something you want to avoid when you’re writing your headlines and your copy.

Make your headlines stand out from all of the other wedding planners. It is tempting to follow some of the top wedding planners and mimic what they do and say.

BE YOU. Write your own headlines. Infuse your personality and share your own knowledge.

2. Be Specific

In other words, don’t be vague. Use numbers and specific scenarios in your headlines to really grab their attention.

Vague: Plan Your Winter Wedding

Specific: The Top 5 Ways to Wow Your Guests at Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

3. News They Can Use

Wedding couples are a selfish bunch. All they care about is their wedding (and that’s not totally out of the realm of normal).

When you write headlines, make sure it’s useful and relevant info for your audience. If you’re a destination wedding planner, your couples probably don’t care about hometown wedding ideas. If your couples are throwing high-end weddings, then saving money and cutting their budget is probably not headline news they are interested in reading.

Headlines can make or break your marketing copy and make a difference in whether your calendar is booked solid with weddings or just a bunch of empty spaces.

If you like what you learned here, download my Writing Survival Kit for Wedding Planners. It includes a headline cheat sheet, so you get your 80 cents worth!

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