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As a wedding planner, you probably receive 100s of emails a day. (As a human, you probably receive 100s of email a day.) During wedding season, you can probably double or even triple the amount of wedding inquiries you receive. That probably doesn’t even begin to cover the emails you have to respond to from your paying wedding clients–your booked weddings!

I’m going to share a wedding planner follow up email sample with you but first let’s talk about why setting up email follow-ups are beneficial to you + how you can do it.

Wedding Planner Follow Up Emails Save Time

Having a set of email response templates that you pull from can save you a ton of time. You don’t have to manually type out a response to each inquiry that comes your way.

Sure. You want to make sure that your email templates still sound personable + personalized but you don’t have to start from scratch with a blank email in order to accomplish this.

Once you have your set of email templates set up, all you have to do is cut + paste the appropriate response. Personalize any names or messaging that you have to or need to. Hit send.

It’s that simple.

Setting Up a Follow Up Email System

It does not take a fancy or expensive system to get your email response templates set up. You have 3 different options you can use.

  1. Draft emails: You can create a new folder in your email inbox. Name it something like Email Response Templates. Create a new email for each response. When you need to respond to an inquiry or an email, pull up the correct email, copy + paste the response in the reply to the email.
  2. Word doc: You can also create your templates in a simple Word Doc or Google Sheet. When you need to respond, pull up the correct response + copy + paste it into the reply.
  3. Email Signature: If your email provider allows you to create different signatures, you can set up each response as a different signature. When you hit reply to the email, choose the correct signature + hit send.

7 Wedding Inquiry Responses You Want to Have

You’re probably thinking how brilliant all of this is. It’s such a great system for managing your time in responding to wedding inquiries with the perfect email response.

Now, you’re probably tallying up in your head each of the responses you want or need. Here are at least 7 wedding inquiry responses or client responses you’re going to want to have.

  1. Initial inquiry
  2. Sending pricing/price sheet
  3. Initial inquiry follow-up
  4. Sending a proposal
  5. Following up on a proposal
  6. Sending a contract
  7. Following up on a contract

It’s not to say that these are all of the email response samples + templates you need in your wedding arsenal but it certainly is the top 7.

Follow Up Email Sample for Wedding Planners

Now, I am going to share an email follow-up sample for a client that has already hired you for one of your services.

Let’s face it, from the time a couple hires you to plan their wedding or coordinate the day of their wedding to the time the wedding actually goes down, their needs evolve. You can often identify the evolution because you are in close contact with them through the months of planning.

Create Another Connection

Other times, there is a disconnect between the services a couple has hired you to do and other services you offer. You can quickly and easily fix the disconnect with a simple touch point – a simple email. You can send one email that points out some of the other services you offer (that the clients might not even know you offer) and just like that you have solved their problem and beefed up your service package to an existing client.

Wedding Planner Follow-Up Email Sample

I’m going to share a sample email follow-up with you. You can use it as is, BUT I suggest you don’t do that. (Yes, you read that right.)

While I totally believe in the power of my words (my copy), you have to make the email your own. While you can totes use it as a guideline, infuse your personality, use words you would use, and make it sound like something you would actually send to your clients.

Hey, hey, hey [Insert client’s name]:

You’ve been dreaming about it. You’ve been planning it. And now, your wedding is right around the corner.


I happen to know that the needs of my couples change like we change our…well, you know…every day. Because your needs might be different than they were at the beginning of our journey, I thought you might be interested in some of my other services.

Check it out:

[Service #1]

[Service #2]

[Service #3]

If any of these strike a nerve with you, let’s chat.

Personalize + Customize

Customize each email you send to each couple you send it to for each wedding. You might want to mention the service they’ve hired you for already. Then, list three or so complementary services.

It would be tres embarrassing to mention a service or package that you’re already hired to do. Hence, the importance of personalizing and customizing.

Oh yeah, don’t expect to add services for each client you send an email, but…if you write it right + consistently send out emails like this, you can easily apply the 80/20 rule (80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients).

Email Marketing Templates

Email Marketing Template Series

In my convos with wedding planners, one of the biggest requests I receive is for an email marketing series (aka an autoresponder series).

Maybe it’s my big ears (that stick out a little bit), but when my wedding planners talk, I listen.

So…for a limited time, I’m offering a 7-series set of PRE-WRITTEN emails just for wedding planners. You can finally put your email marketing on autopilot, so you can set it + forget it (at least until they dial you up for a consultation or to hire you).

Grab it now for $27

  1. Blog post
  2. Free consultation
  3. Quick wedding planning tip
  4. Story of a client you helped – problem they had + how you resolved it
  5. 10 Benes to Working with a Wedding Planner
  6. Services – most expensive package
  7. Services – day of coordination package