The Top 5 Secrets to Winning Website Copy for Wedding Planners


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You’ve got a website.

You know it’s what should be attracting raving fans — DREAM BRIDES — to your biz.

You’ve got website copy, too but it’s not winning you much in the way of brides.

Something is wrong.

The copy is dry. The copy is not delicious. The copy is not yummy. The copy is not working. WORDS PACK A POWERFUL PUNCH. (Yours aren’t even knocking brides over with a feather.)

The copy is not booking brides for your business. It’s not filling up your calendar into next month (let alone into next year).

FINALLY discover the top 5 secret ingredients to winning website copy for wedding planners to turn your site visitors into consultations and your consultations into booked weddings (and a booked solid calendar).

What you really need is to find out how to write copy so scrumptious that it makes BRIDES drool over it. You want them itching to click through all of the pages on your site and lap up every detail about who you are and why you should be their wedding planner.

You want your WORDS (yummy, yummy words) to convince them to hire you.

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