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Brides and grooms are information hounds. They hunt down info on planning their wedding. They are relentless in their search for it. You have to give them the information they’re searching for (to build trust and credibility — ya’ know, the factors that make them hire you as their wedding planner).

One of the top ways to deliver this info on a silver platter is with your e-newsletters.let the confusion end here.

If your paralysis with sending e-newsletters is that you don’t know what content to include in a newsletter, let the confusion end here (and now).



Let’s start with the layout or the design of the newsletter. Making your e-newsletter look professional does not require you to take a design course (You can design a wedding in your sleep, but you don’t have to be able to design an e-newsletter while you catch some Zs.).

In fact, online programs such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKitEmail Brain, iContact, and AWeber provide templates for professional-looking emails. If you can cut and paste, then you can create professional looking e-newsletters.

Even desktop publishing programs and word processing software such as Microsoft Office have templates for e-newsletters, so you really have no excuse as to why you aren’t creating and using newsletters as a communication tool for your wedding biz.

Useful and Relevant Information

The primary piece of newsletters is the content. Content is typically information, useful and relevant articles that brides and grooms have an interest in reading. Tips, tricks, advice, book reviews, and product reviews that relate to the wedding industry are all possibilities.

You can include one, two or three articles in your newsletters, depending on the length you’re shooting for with your newsletter. In an e-newsletter, you can even include the first paragraph of the article and then include a link to read the full article on your website or blog (HINT: This is a great way to drive traffic to our site and blog and to measure how many brides or grooms on your list are clicking on your email links).

Promotional Information

It is acceptable to mix in some promotional information about your wedding planning services. Do not overdo it, but you can include some sort of a mention in your newsletters. Rather than offer the same deal that you would offer anyone off the street, add some exclusivity to the deals you offer the brides and grooms that are on your list.

Your offer does not have to be a discount or coupon. Instead, add a bonus that sweetens the deal if they book you as their wedding planner.

Add Credibility

Include a short three sentence to one paragraph section about you and your business. This section should include information about the company and about you as the owner (and top-notch wedding planner). While this does help to promote your business, it also adds credibility to the information included in the newsletter because it shows why you are providing the information on weddings — positioning you as the expert that you are — and everyone wants to work with the expert!

Include Contact Information

You also want to include all of the contact information for the business. This includes the business name, address, phone number, website, and email. Not only do you want to use the newsletter as a promotional (albeit indirect) tool for the business, but it is also the law that this information is included.

You know in your heart of hearts that you should be using email marketing to its fullest extent. Now is your chance. Pop on over to your newsletter creator today and get it together, girlfriend.

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