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On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. – David Ogilvy


When you are coming up with blog title ideas, keep in mind that you have 7 seconds or less to grab the attention of the wedding couples who are reading it. If you miss this opportunity, it may be a lost booked wedding that you never have the chance to regain. You have to learn how to create such compelling blog titles that brides + grooms can’t help but click on the link in a search engine to read the blog post + to find out more.

It all starts with an eye-catching, attention-grabbing blog title. If your blog title doesn’t grab their attention, no matter how great what you have to say is, they’ll never know because they’re never going to read it.

Tips for Writing Attention-Grabbing Blog Titles

Follow these steps to make your blog titles sizzle enough to motivate wedding couples enough to click on the link to read what your blog post says.

#1 Use an interesting or thought-provoking question

If you position your blog title as an interesting question that engages brides + grooms, your goal is to get them to respond in their head or even to say something out loud. If they don’t know the answer to your question, you want the question to be intriguing enough that they read what you have to say to find out what the answer is.

Blog Title Ideas

  • Do You Ever Wonder Why it’s Important to Ask Wedding Vendors These Questions?
  • Where is the Money Coming from to Pay for Your Wedding?
  • Do You Ever Wonder Where Your Wedding Money is Going?

#2 Get to the Point

Sometimes the best practice to creating a killer blog title is to get straight to the point. It removes the need to be witty, clever, smart or creative. All it requires is that you just state what it is you have to say.

Blog Title Ideas

  • Subscribe Today to Receive Free Wedding Planning Tips
  • The Gold & Ivory Sale: Save 50% on Gold & Ivory Wedding Accessories
  • Book Now and Save 30%

It’s just the facts, ma’am (or sir)!

#3 Be a Source of Information

Blog titles intrigue wedding couples when it offers them information they can use.

Blog Title Ideas

  • 10 Ways to Cut $2,000 Off Your Budget Without Giving up Your Dream Wedding
  • Get Inside the Mind of Celebrity Event Planner XYZ to Learn How to Plan Your Wedding with Insider Secrets
  • 7 Ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding (to Keep Them out of Your Hair)

By providing information to wedding couples, you become an invaluable resource to them. Grabbing their attention positions you as the wedding expert that you are.

#4 Go Commando

When it comes to creating clickable blog titles, think what may come out of the mouth of a drill sergeant + then write it!

Blog Title Ideas

  • Increase Your Wedding Budget in 30 Days
  • Stop Wasting Money on Wedding Favors
  • Learn How to Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro Now


Another great way to come up with fabulous blog title ideas is to use the “What’s in it for them approach (WIFFT).” Many wedding planners make the mistake of listing out all of the features that their service possesses, but what your brides + grooms really want to know is how your service benefits them. Start off on the right stylish foot by using a benefits headline to make your point + hook them immediately.

Blog Title Ideas

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Wedding
  • DIY Wedding Invitations in Minutes
  • Get a Free Album with Photo Order

Have you ever glanced at the front covers of magazines/newspapers such as the Enquirer while standing in line at the grocery store? The headlines are so sensational that it draws you in to pick it up + glance at the stories inside — even if you don’t admit you do.

A similar thing happens with blog titles. Brides + grooms are searching on their favorite search engines. They are scrolling fast + furious through the first page of the Google search results. If a blog title catches their attention, they stop, click + read.

#6 Make an announcement

One more way to make your blog titles stand out is to make a big announcement. Wedding couples love big news. They want to be “in the know” about all of the great (+ sometimes not so great) things going on in the world of weddings.

Blog Title Ideas

  • Scientists May Have Found a Cure for Wedding Planning Anxiety
  • The Hottest Designer Wedding Dresses Have Hit the Runway (and Stores)
  • Plan Your Wedding While Driving in Your Car (Hands-free, of course)

#7 How To

Speak to the do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) in the crowd with “how to” blog titles. Whether it’s how to save money on booking a wedding venue or how to build a wedding pergola, brides + grooms eat up “how to” blog titles any day of the week.

Blog Title Ideas

  • How to Enjoy a Honeymoon on $20 a Day
  • How to Build Your Own Wedding Pergola for Under $30
  • How to Find a Wedding Photographer in 3 Easy Steps

Creating killer wedding blog titles is the primary way you can grab your potential customers + not let them go until they read what you have to say!

#8 Give your readers a bonus

What I mean by this has nothing to do with giving away something for free. It’s more about adding a specific detail to your wedding blog title that makes it a bit more intriguing. This is where being a little on the wordy side (at least with your adjectives) may just come in handy.

  • 7x Time Bride Plans Under Budget Dream – see how the word 7x makes this even more intriguing?
  • New Idea May Make Wedding Favors Obsolete – obsolete really stands out here
  • Frustrated Bride Writes a Planning Book Brides Need to Read – frustrated bride really drives the point home

Some ways to grab them with your wedding blog titles is to include:

  • Bonuses
  • Savings offers
  • Ways to solve a problem

Here are some examples of bad wedding blog titles + ways to turn them into good wedding blog titles:

Bad Blog Titles Good Blog Titles
Write Better Wedding Vows 5 Handy Tips from Former Grooms for Writing Epic Vows
Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Chic
Buy Your Wedding Invitations Now Sale into September with Wedding Invitation Savings
An Effective Way to Increase Your Wedding Budget The #1 Secret to Stretching Your Wedding Budget

How to Search Engine Optimize Wedding Blog Title Ideas

You hired an SEO expert to do the research or you conducted your own keyword research.

It doesn’t matter.

Now you have this pile of keywords sitting in front of you + you are somewhat clueless on how to shove them into your blog titles + blog content.

Here’s your first clue: Start with the wedding blog title.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are trying to create keyword-rich wedding blog titles is it has to be readable. A human being (a bride, a groom, or a wedding couple) is at the other end of your wedding blog titles. They have to be able to read it, understand it + think that it is a blog post or article that contains the helpful information they are seeking.

Use these three tips to make it happen.

#1 Reflect the Topic

The blog titles give readers a glimpse into what the blog posts are about — the topics it covers. You want to weave your keyword into the blog title so that it is natural + so that it reflects the information the blog post contains.

For example, this blog post is about writing blog title ideas. If my keyword phrase is “blog title ideas” then I was able to include it in the blog title naturally. The information that follows offers wedding planners, like you, ways they can come up with blog title ideas that are intriguing, clickable + search engine optimized.

#2 Don’t Minimize It

Avoid super long wedding blog title ideas, but avoid super short ones too. In other words, what you don’t want to do is make your keyword or keyword phrase your entire blog title. When you do this, the blog title tends to be:

  • Too short
  • Non-attention grabbing
  • Boring
  • A marketing fail

If you don’t get the reader to read the rest of the blog post based on the sneak peek of the blog title, then you have failed.

For example, if this article just said “Blog Title Ideas,” it:

  • Lacks specificity
  • Doesn’t grab your attention or sound interesting
  • Is too general

In this case, the blog post isn’t just about blog title ideas. It’s about writing wedding blog title ideas that are juicy, optimized + intriguing enough to get wedding couples to click on it.

#3 Don’t Cram in Numerous Keywords

Another big mistake to avoid is cramming numerous keywords into your title. Your title is not a grocery list. Typically, when you try to cram a bunch of keywords together, the blog title simply doesn’t make any sense.

Your main goal when writing great optimized blog titles is to keep in mind that there is a human being (a bride, groom, or wedding couple) reading it. It is this human being that you have to attract. Once you do, you then have the opportunity to share the information the rest of the blog contains.

Blog Title Generator

Coming up with a blog topic can be a challenge. Without having a blog topic in mind it can be difficult to come up with a blog title in the first place. Check out How to Find Blog Topics Brides + Grooms Care About Reading.

It walks you through the step-by-step process of being a blog title generator.

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