The #1 Essential Piece All of Your Wedding Content Needs

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Almost any content you write (website, blog post, article, email), has its essentials. One of the big essentials for any type of wedding content is…

Drum roll, please…

#1 Content Essential: The Attention-Grabbing Headline

It all starts with an attention-grabbing headline. If your headline, subject line or title doesn’t do the job of grabbing the attention of the brides + grooms you are trying to attract, then not only is your content likely to fail but wedding couples are not likely to read it anyway.

If they don’t read it, then you’re not going to have a chance to build a relationship with them, build credibility with them + you’re certainly not going to get the chance to convert them into BOOKED wedding business.

Things just got real…

Setting Up the Attention-Grabbing Headline

On some websites, you’ll see one to three thought-provoking questions as the first item on the page. The goal of the question or questions is to get the bride or groom to answer yes to the questions + then read on to find out more or to get the answers to the problem that the question(s) poses.

Other websites have a statement headline, such as, “Cut your wedding budget by 25%, without sacrificing your dreams, with one little step.”

(That step is hiring a wedding planner, of course!)

Another great option is to state a problem or a challenge that your DREAM wedding clients face. Then, follow it up with a sub-headline or sentence that shows how you, your product, or service resolves the problem or helps them overcome the challenge.

Whichever headline option it is you choose, all of your pages should contain a headline that grabs the attention of the visitor + keeps them on the page to see what the rest of it has to say.

BTW: This applies to all types of content: emails, blog posts, website pages, ads + the list just goes on + on.

Want to write attention-grabbing headlines? You got it.

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