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There are dozens of effective marketing strategies for generating more wedding business leads for your wedding business. Fortunately, most of these strategies are low- or no-cost options. Most can pay off within a month or two by increasing your client list, booking more weddings + generating more cash for your wedding business.

Incentives for Referrals Bring More Wedding Business Leads

The number of incentives you can offer to prospective clients is endless. Choose two or three offers that fit your business model. For example, if you do photography, offer a few clients a bonus for each new client they refer to your business.

Or if you do planning services for soon-to-be-wed couples, offer a referral bonus for every friend they refer during the next year. People who are getting married tend to know other people who are getting married, so this is a smart + inexpensive way to get fresh business leads.

BTW: Bonus does not mean cash or a discount. Bonus can be an added product or service to the package they book with you.

Leverage Social Media

Over 70% of clients searching for a business or product find what they were looking for through a Facebook business page. Social media is one of the fastest + least expensive ways to promote your business. There’s no need to go overboard, so choose just one or two platforms besides Facebook.

Consider Instagram, Twitter + Pinterest, all of which allow the posting of photos + direct links so that users can either visit your website or see some of your handiwork. Pinterest is especially effective, as that’s where a lot of brides-to-be start planning their wedding.

Connect with Church Groups

An often-overlooked marketing strategy is connecting with local church groups of all denominations. Most churches have at least one or two different social groups for couples, including those about to be married + adult singles who want to meet other singles within a safe, church-sponsored setting. Do some research + learn how religious singles groups work + then get permission from pastors to advertise directly to them.

Advertise on Google Ads

Google Ads is a program you can sign up for to promote virtually any product or service. The fees are low, can be based on clicks if you want to work that way + can be an effective alternative to Facebook. In fact, Facebook + Google tend to target different types of clients in different ways + are ideal for bringing clients to specialty service websites like wedding businesses.

By taking specific, measured actions within a mapped-out, overall marketing strategy, you can boost the bottom line of your wedding business within three months or less. There tend to be geographic differences when wedding season is so do some research to figure out when wedding season is in your local area.

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