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I am obviously a big proponent for content marketing. Not only do I write content all day long, everyday, but I also truly believe in the power of content marketing.

Apparently, I am not the only one.

Sumo (an industry leader in email management and marketing) put out an article recently for the 7 top marketing trends in 2019. Number 7 on the list:


Not only do they mention content marketing as a trend that continues in 2019 but the author mentions that it is his or her’s favorite marketing method.

Content Allows You to Add Value

“Content marketing is amazing! It’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of monthly visits to my own blogs, tens of thousands of dollars of revenue for my clients, and more. It has the potential to build brand loyalty unlike any marketing strategy I’ve ever tried — because to be successful with content, you HAVE to be genuine and provide loads of value.”

While there are some moving parts to content marketing, what it truly comes down to is sharing your knowledge and expertise with your wedding couples in a way that builds trust.

You’re building trust because you are being genuine and educating them on some wedding planning topic that they need to know.

It’s About High-Quality Content

What content marketing is not about is simply writing a blog post or article and slapping it up on your site.


Uh-un. That’s simply not going to work.

Google + Facebook are really upping the content game. They’re demanding that the content you share is stronger than ever before.

Perhaps you remember that back in 2011, Google updated Panda, which penalized sites that were publishing low-quality content. For the last 7, almost 8 years, Google has been working to perfect this algorithm, which is requiring even higher quality content than ever before.

Last year, Facebook followed Google’s lead (so to speak) by penalizing posts that include links to low-quality content. *

This means if you read the writing on the wall, the wall says that if you share high-quality content with your wedding couples, you’re going to rank better on Google + your posts are going to show on Facebook.

Getting this content in front of your wedding couples is the key to getting more engagement on social media sites–all which ultimately leads to booking more business + making more money in your wedding business.

Build a Foundation with Pillar Posts

So what this comes down to is creating what is known as “pillar posts or pillar pages.” Think of it as “The Everything Guide to [insert wedding topic here].”

These guides should be 2,000 words or more + include information that is everything the bride + groom needs to know about the wedding topic at hand.

You can even use these pillar pages/posts as a jumping off point to create a series of articles or posts that relate back to your pillar page/post.

If you’ve been holding back on embracing content marketing, know that it isn’t going away in the new year + in fact you truly need to embrace it like the love of your life as part of the marketing mix for your wedding business.

But do you know how to actually create content that helps you move up in the ranks of Google + organically boosts your posts all over social media? You’re in luck, my wedding-planning friend. Download my Writing Survival Kit for Wedding Planners now. It’ll help you out.

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