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Somewhere along the line, I did an interview with a publication as the wedding planner copy + content writer. Sadly, I don’t remember which one it was or where it was originally published (I know. Bad copywriter.).

Check it out, though. You can get to know me a little bit better to see if one of my courses or working with me on your wedding copy + wedding content is something you might like to do.

Find out more about the wedding planner copy + content writer now. 

What is your professional career path?

My career path has always been some form of marketing. My first job, however, had a sales element sprinkled into it.

All of my jobs after this always had the full elements of marketing — wedding planning, event planning, senior marketing associate, marketing manager + marketing director. All of these jobs brought me to be the wedding planner copy + content writer!

I have a word addiction and I’m not afraid to use it (or admit it)!

Please list web addresses where one can see something about you as the wedding planner copy + content writer (+ more).

My wedding planner copy + content writer website is www.weddingplannercopy.com. Over the years, I have literally published thousand of articles, so a Google search with my maiden (Kristie Lorette) + married name (Kristie Lorette McCauley) brings up other samples.

Believe it or not, there is more than one Kristie McCauley in this world, so you have to search by my full name sometimes to get the real deal!

I also run other websites: Girl Mom Chaos, Ellie Joy + Co., Here Comes the Wedding, McCauley’s Equipment.

What are you good at? What differentiates you from others?

I’m a word nerd + I know how to use it to help my wedding planner clients book more wedding business. My clients have the knowledge of the wedding industry, but they’re often stuck on how to turn this info into content that can land them business.

I have the power to turn their knowledge into the wordy stuff that puts more money in their pockets.

I’m also a former certified wedding planner, so I’ve walked miles (+ miles) in my clients’ shoes! Combine my knowledge of the wedding industry with my writing abilities + it makes me the wedding planner copy + content writer.

In which market, products or services, are you currently working?

I only work with wedding pros in the wedding industry.

That’s all folks.

It’s simple. This is where I have professional experience — working as a former wedding planner — so I know what’s up + I know how to turn my clients’ information into words, copy + content that hits the sweet spot with the wedding couples they are trying to attract + want to work with in their business.

It’s what makes me the wedding planner copy + content writer.

You can get a feel for the information that I share + teach as the wedding planner copy + content writer by grabbing my Writing Survival Kit for Wedding Planners.

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