What Your DREAM Brides + Grooms Have in Common with a Four Year Old

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What do your dream brides + grooms have in common with four year olds? They have a lot of questions (+ you have the answers).

While this might sound like a joke, it’s not.

When you are writing a blog post, website page, or marketing email for your wedding business, the key to your success lies in your ability to answer the questions your dream wedding couples have.

Some of their questions include:

  1. Why the heck should I read this?
  2. How do I benefit from this service? What’s in it for moi?
  3. Who is this wedding planner + why should I trust what he or she has to say?
  4. Why is this wedding planner better than all the other wedding planners out there?
  5. Why should this planner earn my hard-earned money?

Does your wedding content answer all of these questions? If not, it’s time to evaluate, review + revise it.

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