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Your wedding business has a great presence on most of the social media platforms.

Your site SEO is top notch.

You are linked to several of the top wedding vendors in your area.

Yet, most of your clients come from previous clients. There’s a reason for this. The truth is that wedding couples trust others like them that have experience working with a wedding professional. According to marketing research, one word-of-mouth call is worth 12 cold marketing calls–making word-of-mouth important for wedding business.

Word-of-Mouth is Important for Wedding Business Because it Generates Twice the Amount of Sales

It is natural for a bride or groom to take a recommendation from someone they trust. There is extensive research on the best marketing strategies, and it demonstrates conclusively that word-of-mouth is among the best.

According to Talk Triggers, 41% of Americans value word-of-mouth over social media. Investigations show that half of Americans prefer word-of-mouth over any other kind of advertising.

According to marketing studies, 83% of Americans said they have made a recommendation, 55% say they make recommendations at least once a month + 30% percent make recommendations every week.

Wedding Couple Trust

Because brides + grooms tend to believe in personal experience from other wedding couples, engaged couples rely on testimonials even when they’re given by strangers (brides + grooms the couples do not know).

If a testimonial describes the impressions of another wedding couple’s experience, the wedding couples can draw their own conclusions. They don’t have to rely on a marketing campaign or sales pitch.

Podium explains that an honest review or testimonial is often more important to future wedding clients than expert reviews, because these are testimonials from couples who have actually spent their hard-earned money on your services. Research shows that the majority of people have far more confidence in word-of-mouth recommendations than they do in advertising.

Make sure you ask satisfied clients for testimonials!

A Wedding is an Emotional Investment

Just about every decision a bride or groom makes for their wedding is steeped in emotion. Even if she opts for the latest trends, she still chooses the ones that resonate with her personal feelings.

People seek the opinions of their friends + family for two reasons.

  1. They wish to please the people that are close to them + may even sublimate their own desires to do so.
  2. They also want verification that their own opinions are pleasing to those they love. They trust their friends + family because they believe their friends + family have their best interests at heart.

Media Post explains that friends + family influence a client’s buying decision nearly three times more than any other source. Included in that is that people like brands that cater to an authentic feeling.

With an important event like a wedding, most brides + grooms take extra care before making any decisions. This is not just because a wedding is expensive but also because it is a life-changing event that should be as close to what the couple deems is perfect as is possible.

Find a Unique Spin

One way to get brides + grooms talking about your wedding business is to provide something innovative. If you offer something other wedding businesses don’t, it can start a chatter in the wedding industry that can make a difference in your business.

You can find your specialty by taking a hard look at the services you offer. Invite a few outsiders to join in a wedding brainstorming session + create something no one else offers.

You Can Promote Word-of-Mouth Marketing

You can take advantage of word-of-mouth referrals if you follow a few simple tips. By taking a proactive attitude towards word-of-mouth, you can multiply its effect.

Weddings for a Living explains that you need to start by telling your satisfied clients that you want referrals. They may be happy to oblige but wouldn’t think of it until you ask. Always remember to thank a client when they send you a referral.

This strategy costs you far less + accomplishes more than traditional advertising. Word-of-mouth referrals are a remarkable way to boost your wedding business. After you plan one beautiful wedding, let the happy couple help you start planning for the next one.

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