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Words that Sell to Book You More Wedding Business

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When you sit down to write your marketing copy + content for your wedding business, you probably pause when you come to certain words. You may stare at your copy + wonder if the word you are using is the best one — is it one of the words that sell?

Is it the word your ideal wedding clients are going to identify with? Is it one of the words that sell? Whether a word resonates with your ideal clients depends on who your clients are, but there are some marketing words + phrases you can use as a general guideline because they are words that sell.


As you go through the list, keep in mind that some words are appropriate for a wedding business + some are not. You can also test out words by using the same copy, but simply change one word.

Send the two content pieces out to your list on two separate occasions + test the response of each. You can also combine two or more words to create phrases, but be careful the statement still makes sense.

Words That Sell

Authentic/Genuine: “Authentic Vera Wang Gown:” Your clients want to know that what they are buying is the real deal. If it’s not the real thing, that may be acceptable too, but “authentic” is a great word to use when you are trying to separate the real thing from the look-a-likes, replicas, or impostors.

Complete/Ultimate: “Complete/Ultimate Guide to Wedding Flowers:” Brides + grooms like to know that they are getting a complete view rather than a piece of it.

Discount/Special/Bargain: “Enjoy a Discount if You Book Today:” Everyone loves a good deal. This is a great tactic if you are participating in a bridal show. If they book you at the show then they get a discount. Otherwise, you might not offer discounts in your business.

Endorsed (or “As seen on…”): “Endorsed by the National Association of Wedding Professionals:” Especially in wedding industry, when your service is endorsed by a wedding guru, association or a recognizable figure, it helps to overcome the objections of your dream clients.

Exclusive: “Exclusive Service for Clients:” Exclusivity can be an attractive feature for your services. Instead of offering a discount on a service, offer a bonus service if they hire you.

Expert: “Wedding Photo Expert:” Everyone wants to work with, do business with + book the go-to person in the wedding industry or in your area of the wedding industry. No matter what type of wedding business you are in, you are an expert in that area.

Popular Action Phrases or Words That Sell

  • Act now
  • Free
  • Bonus offer
  • No obligation
  • Book now
  • Call now
  • Money back guarantee
  • Satisfaction guarantee

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of marketing action words, it gives you an idea of some of the words + phrases that get the attention of brides + grooms + urge them to act. These are words that sell wedding business.

When you write blog posts or wedding content, your end goal is to turn those words into booked weddings. The challenge then becomes how do you use words to book more wedding business?

While it is not the only answer, it is one of the most important ones. When you write your blog posts + wedding content, you not only have to talk like you normally do, but you also have to talk like the wedding clients you are trying to attract — your DREAMIEST of DREAM wedding couples that you want to work with — talk.

This…this is exactly how you hit their sweet spot. You have to walk their walk + talk their talk to land their business + book their wedding.

Copy Tip #110

When you sit down to have a conversation with a prospect or even a booked client (yes, an actual conversation face-to-face, on the phone, or using Skype) PAY ATTENTION to what they are saying. Pay attention to what they are telling you (both directly + indirectly). These couples are giving you all kinds of tips, advice + signals with what they are telling you. All you have to do is listen to what they are saying.

  • What words are they using?
  • What hot buttons or issues are they pointing out to you?
  • What are they DIRECTLY + INDIRECTLY telling you they want + need from you, your products, or your services?

The answers to these burning questions, my friend, are PRECISELY how you hit their sweet spot — right in the middle — which is also what ends up booking you their wedding business.

For example, when I work with wedding planners, I hear a lot of talk about “booking more weddings.” This is terminology I use in my content whenever I am writing blog posts or other types of content for wedding planners. This is their BIGGEST struggle, their BURNING desire, the FOUNDATION of their business.

In order to send them down the aisle, first you have to talk the talk of your wedding clients.

Talk Directly to Clients

Use the word “you” in your copy + content. It makes wedding couples feel as if you are speaking directly to them. It’s more personal.

A survey of brides + grooms revealed that they prefer when the wedding professionals uses the first person rather than the third person when they write copy + content. The couples said it made them feel as if the wedding professional was more approachable + affordable.

Couples said that wedding professionals using the third person in the their copy + content made them feel as if the company was too corporate + expensive.

How to Use Words That Sell

Now you have this big list of words but how do you actually use words that sell in your copy + content? Well, it depends on what you’re writing.

Generally speaking, though, you want to use words that sell in:

  1. Headline
  2. The first 200 words of your content (if it’s a blog post, for example)
  3. A sub-headline
  4. A few times in the rest of the body copy (for longer content, such as blog posts)
  5. Call to action

Rather than try to use all of the words that sell, focus on one or two words in each piece. If it’s a short piece of copy or content, then one word or phrase is likely sufficient. If you have a longer piece of copy or content, then you can likely fit in one or two word choices or phrases — especially when it comes to using words that sell in a call to action.

If you have multiple calls to action in a piece of copy or content then you use different words + phrases in each call to action.

Whatever you do, when you use words that sell, use them naturally. Use them so that the copy makes sense to a human being that’s reading it — the brides + grooms you’re trying to get to hire you.

Words That Sell

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