Write Your Wedding Biz Website Copy in a Week

(OK, it’s really in 5 days)

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You can have the prettiest website design on the web, but pretty doesn’t do you any good if your words (your copy) + your messaging are not engaging the brides + grooms that land on your pretty site.

If you want to write your own delish web copy (+ good for you), Write Your Wedding Biz Website Copy in a Week is JUST the kick in the skirt (pants or stylish dress) you need! It’s your path to not only engaging your DREAM wedding couples, but it’s the way to actually get them to HIRE YOU — + it’s all with your words.

This is not your typical copywriting course that you’re not going to finish.

During each day of the 5-day course, you’re going to write a page of your website. At the end of the week, your website copy is up + ready to go.

JUST like that — it’s done.

It’s a hybrid go-at-your-own-pace course and I’m ending feedback by the end of the year. So, when you register, you’ll receive one day at a time and can tackle it from there. I’ll be available for the feedback and interaction through the end of this year.

Day 1 Recipe for Writing an About Page that Gets Wedding Couples to Hire You

  • Discover ways to write copy that hits the sweet spot of your DREAM brides + grooms so they BOOK you + book you now
  • I’m handing down the awesomesauce recipe for writing your About Page to IMPRESS your dream brides into working with you right away
  • The website wow copy recipe to write (or re-write) your About Me Page
  • How to tweak your copy to show clients how you are a benefit to them, so they hire YOU
  • The tone/voice you can use to put your dream clients at ease, so your story resonates with them + makes them want to work with you (+ only you)
  • Ways to build up your street cred, so couples like + trust you (You know, the factors that make them hire you)
  • The #1 way to make them hire you after reading your About Page

Day 2 Write the Work with Me Page on Your Website Using the Website Wow Copy Recipe

  • CONVERT shopping brides + grooms into BOOKED weddings with the Website Wow Copy Recipe you can apply to EVERY page of your site
  • Uncover how to choose the right words + an engaging approach to creating your Work with Me Page, so you have a booked calendar + a waitlist of couples that want to work with you

Day 3 Juicy Service Descriptions that Sell Themselves

  • Discover 5 SECRETS to writing ENGAGING service descriptions that make your DREAM couples drool + HIRE you
  • Uncover the steps to writing descriptions that attract your dreamiest of dream brides + reveal how much they need to hire you
  • See some examples of what your package descriptions or service descriptions should say + why
  • Learn to twist + tweak your existing descriptions so they start pulling new clients to you (so you don’t have to push your services or packages on anyone again)
  • Discover how to use your service descriptions to create such a need or desire for your biz, couples are ready to hire you before they even meet you in person

Day 4 Write Headlines & Subject Lines that Grab the Attention of Brides

  • Write attention-grabbing headlines — every time — so your calendar is BOOKED SOLID + your bank account balance goes cha-ching (comes with a headline cheat sheet starter kit!)
  • Attract your dream brides instantly – as soon as they read your headline
  • Get them to read your copy + content
  • Make them itch to click their mouse

Day 5 The Awesomesauce Recipe for Writing Landing Pages

  • The awesomesauce recipe for writing landing pages (aka sales pages) that convert into booked weddings + sales
  • How to use a sales/landing page to book more consultations + convert them into booked weddings with dream clients

What You Receive

  • Daily playbooks + videos with daily homework assignments. Each playbook + video is tailored to wedding planners, so you have exactly what you need to write copy for your biz. I’ll provide PERSONAL feedback on each assignment so you can quickly + easily whip your copy into shape!
  • 24/7 email access to me, so you can ask me questions, whenever one pops into your head!
  • One LIVE Q&A call, when you can ask me anything (anything at all) about writing copy

Your Investment: $297

This is a steal of a deal to FINALLY whip your copy into the yummiest, sweetest + most edible copy ever (sort of like wedding cake) + finally create a pack of RAVING FANS that love you, book you + refer you.

Not only will you finally have copy to make wedding couples SWOON, but you’re going to have copy that makes them HIRE. YOU. RIGHT. NOW.

Learn how to:

  • Write rockin’ biz copy for each of your website pages that get your DREAM couples to notice and HIRE you
  • Complete the copy for each AND EVERY page of your website
  • Walk away with a website ready to attract dream clients, but better yet, converting them into booked weddings
  • Use your yummy, yummy words to book your calendar SOLID

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your spot now.

(Go ahead. You know you want to.)

Why Should You Listen to What I Have to Say, Anyway?

MeThat IS a fair question + I have the answer.

I’m Kristie Lorette McCauley. I have a word addiction and I’m not afraid to use it (or admit it)!

In my past life, I was a certified wedding planner. In my current life, I am the wedding planner copywriter. I’m a published author, copy expert, marketing maven, communication chica, wife, mother, and so much more.

I wear a ton of hats and I know you do too. I know because as a former certified wedding planner, I walked a mile in your shoes (pumps, stilettos, or stylish flats).

I’ve been writing since I was like 2, but it probably didn’t make much sense until much later in life. In the real world, I have over 18 years of writing and marketing experience (Wow, how is that possible? I still feel like I’m so young!).

I use this experience in writing and from running my own wedding planning business (in the past) to turn your thoughts into words that land you DREAM wedding couples to book your calendar solid.

Here are my street creds…

  • Former Certified Wedding Planner
  • Owned and operated my wedding planning business for 4 years
  • President, Vice President & Secretary on the Board of the NAWP (National Association of Wedding Professionals) Miami-Dade/Broward Chapter
  • **Writing copy and content for the wedding industry for over 8 years
  • The Wedding Expert on the Love to Know Blog Here Comes the Wedding
  • Published 1,000s of wedding articles
  • Authored wedding books, such as Your Second Wedding

OK, so let’s do this…


I’m not a wedding planner, but I am a wedding pro. Will this still work for me + my biz?

Absolutely. The info can + does help any pro that has wedding couples as their dreamiest of dream clients.

What are playbooks?

Playbooks are your PDF guides + workbooks + homework assignments. Each playbook runs between 8 + 16 pages. Each page is filled with the juicy content you need to grasp the concept for the week.

You receive a total of five playbooks during the 5-day course (one per day). Each day (bright + early) a playbook + a video lands in your inbox. At the end of each playbook is a homework assignment for you to practice what you learned + send it in to me to receive personal feedback on it. Then, you’re ready to put it into action on your site, in your email, or wherever it is meant to go.

Do I have to submit my homework?

Completing + submitting your homework is for your benefit. It allows you to practice your writing + apply what you learned in the playbook. It allows you to receive feedback directly from me on how great it is or how you can tweak it to make it better.
No, you don’t have to submit it. You won’t get any penalty fees or not receive a gold star if you don’t submit it.

How much time do I have to devote to the week?

The time commitment is up to you. I send out the playbooks + videos each day. This gives you time throughout the day to watch the video, read the playbook  + work on your homework assignment.

It also provides you with the opportunity to ask me questions along the way. At the end of the week, we can schedule a live Q&A call. During our 30-minute chat, you ask me any questions you want.

What kind of access do I have to you?

You have unlimited email access to me during the entire week of the course. You can email me in the middle of the night, every night, if you want (Don’t worry if that sounds like one of your brides or grooms. It doesn’t bother me + I don’t mind). I probably won’t answer you until the next day, but I always respond.

What is the investment?

The investment is $297.

Do you offer a payment plan?

I do not offer a payment plan for this particular program. It is just a one-time upfront payment.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the program, no refunds will be issued.