Writing Website Copy is Not Like Writing a Term Paper

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If you approach writing your website copy the same way you do writing a term paper, it’s no wonder that your website copy is not booking you brides and weddings. While both require writing, the approach and technique for each is very different. Writing website copy is often referred to as copywriting and copywriting is WAY different from any other kind of writing you do.


#1 The Goal

The goal you have for writing an article might be to educate and inspire. The goal for copywriting, such as writing website copy, is to propel them to take an action – the action you want them to take. In your case, it is typically to book a free consultation or hire you on the spot as their wedding planner.

#2 The Approach

Since your end goal is different so is the approach that you have to take. Copywriting requires you to take the reader on a journey (usually an emotional one), so they quickly and easily see that they need to hire you RIGHT. NOW. An informational piece, such as an article, is just that – a way to share information with them and educate them on a particular wedding topic.

#3 The Rules

Since writing website copy is not writing an educational paper that your grammar-school teacher is going to red pen, the rules are a bit different too. This is not to say that spelling is not important or that the copy should look like a hot mess – because it should NOT. What I am trying to say is that you can take some latitude with some of the ways you write.

It is not uncommon to see one word sentences, for example, for emphasis. Bullet points and sub-headlines, along with headlines are all copywriting techniques that you might not see in a formal writing piece. You most definitely will see (or at least should see) and use a call to action in your copywriting, telling the reader what you want them to do next. This is something you won’t or shouldn’t see in a formal piece of writing.

The End

While these are not ALL of the differences between writing and copywriting, it is some of the BIGGIES. Keep it in mind when you sit down to write your website copy or any copy for a marketing piece. Ready. Set. Go.