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Guest post by Kat Fraser

You’re staring a list of twenty plus font names. Which one should it be?

You’re not alone in thinking that choosing a font can be hard, but I am here to make that choice a little simpler for you. This guide aims to walk you through the process, explain why your choices are so important, how to use them to best suit your audience and where you can find those fonts that will make your brand ooze the romance your couples want to see.

Why is font choice important?

Your wedding couples are planning their wedding day and on the hunt for a dreamy wedding photographer to capture those special moments. A flyer comes through your door with a simple and elegant font showcasing the wedding business of a local vendor.

Modern. Minimal. Romantic.

It somehow immediately instills the confidence in you that they are a wedding vendor you have to speak to right now. You grab your phone.

That’s the reason font choices are so important for your wedding business. They are that first impression that will WOW your potential clients.

Your audience.

The first thing you have to consider is who you are appealing to.

Who is it that you are trying to showcase your 5-star wedding business to?

What do they want to see?

Now is the time to do a little market research and truly get to know your ideal client. This is the foundation to creating beautiful designs that truly resonate with your audience and result in bookings!

Things to consider:

  • Age and demographic.
  • Where do these people show up?
  • What is the reason they might approach you?

Use this information to form the profile you are designing for and let that influence your font choices.

The usage:

A very overlooked aspect of determining which font is right for you is the functionality. The reality is, if it doesn’t work then there is no point in it being there.

Can your audience read it?

Size, color, layout, and typeface are all things to consider.

Does it convey the message that you are intending to share with your client?

More than likely, you will want to use your font in a variety of different places. Your logo, website, and maybe even on a flyer using multiple fonts.

Consider how these fonts will mesh together. I often find that a script font and a sans-serif font are a gentle, romantic combination that can make your visuals POP.

It is important to consider the versatility to your font before including them in your brand to ensure you show up consistently within your workspace to creating memorable moments for your clients.

Do the fonts fit?

Riding hand in hand with the usage of your font is the context of it.

Where will your font show up?

Is it design for a business card?

Ensure that you have chosen a font that is readable at small sizes. For example, I would choose a clean, sans serif font in comparison to a more decorative font that I could use within my website banner, where it is being viewed on a screen with greater space.

The character of a font also plays a huge part in the decision to use it. For example, we are looking for a romantic font that can be used within a wedding invitation design.

Immediately I am thinking of a beautifully scripted, hand-drawn font to bring a personal touch to the couples’ big day. However, this doesn’t mean that a modern, more traditional, serif font, such as ‘Beau’ isn’t equally as fitting for the occasion.

Where can you find free fonts?

Are you ready to begin the hunt for a new font, or two?

I have listed some of my top font finding spots that don’t break the bank (most of them are FREE!) but leave you with a top quality font download.

  1. Font Squirrel: This is my GO TO place if I am on the hunt for a new font for my clients. It’s a resource full of fonts that are licensed for both personal and commercial use. Better yet, they are all FREE and are easily searchable with a description of your desired font. It couldn’t get any easier, right?
  2. Google Fonts: An extensive catalog offering a huge selection of open source web fonts, ensuring that any fonts that you use to use within your print material will shine online and within your website. Use their directory to make finding your dreamy font easier than saying “I do!”
  3. Creative Market: With over 25,000 fonts available, Creative Market has more choice than ever before. For use within all projects, form web to print, you will find brush, hand-drawn, and gorgeous script fonts (amongst many more) for all of your romance inspired needs.

Haven’t found the one you are looking for? Head over to my resource library for more tips.

The legal side of font usage:

A small reminder that It is extremely important to understand the licensing of any fonts that you download or purchase. I often find that people don’t realize this is a ‘thing’ until they are caught up in it.

So, for that reason, when using a font make sure you have the right permissions to use it. Generally, you will see a personal and commercial use option, but read the small print to double check that the license is suitable for your needs.

(Note: It is your responsibility to check the font licences before use.)

With that being said, get hunting and explore what new fonts you could weave in to your wedding business branding to strike a chord with your future couples. I hope that this motivates you to reconsider your existing font choices or even choose a brand new one. Share with us in the comments some of your favourite picks.

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Kat Fraser, Owner of Fraser & Co Design, is a professional graphic designer specialising in brand

and website design for wedding businesses. She focuses on getting straight to the heart of your brand-because that’s what sells it. Pinpointing your brand identity, guided by what you believe in and makes you unique, who you want your brand to speak to and what you ultimately want to achieve. She uses this in-depth information to create the visual identity to make your brand strike a chord with couples and stand out.

You can learn more about Kat at:

www.fraserandcodesign.co.uk       |       Instagram       |       Pinterest

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