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Your wedding biz website copy is a love story…

Or, at least, it should be.

Everyone loves a good love story and engaged couples are no exception. If your website copy is not telling a love story, then you’re missing out on booking wedding business.

Tell Your Story

One of the biggest mistakes that wedding planners make when writing their website copy is telling couples they should hire them. It’s too blunt. It’s too salesy. (They might even see it as sleazy or desperate).

The copy on your site should take the couple on a journey. One way to do this is to tell your story.

The perfect place for your story is on the About Page of your site. Tell your story about what landed you as a wedding planner, BUT (and it is a BIG BUT here) do it in a way that shows how your story benefits them It’s always all about the “benes” and what is in it for the client.

Tell Client Stories

Every wedding has a story behind it. Every relationship has a love story. Tell the love stories and wedding stories of your clients. (Of course, get their permission first). By telling the stories of clients and their weddings, other couples are bound to relate to one or more of these stories and realize that they MUST. HIRE. YOU, NOW. THIS. MINUTE.

Just Tell Them

After you take them on this journey. After you tell your story and the love stories of the weddings you’ve been planning, tell potential couples what to do next. In marketing speak, it’s the call to action. Do you want them call you? Email you? Book a consultation appointment via your online scheduler? Whatever it is you want them to do when they come to the end of your story, just tell them.

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